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Long overdue cutout update!

Name: Makaylie| Date:7-18-17 | Feeling:
Hey, My lovely visitors I have a new layout! I put up lots of my rare cutouts. I haven't updated them in a while and I also added new cutouts of sitemodels I didn't have up. I hope you guys enjoy that and majority of them was cutout by Megz or Sandra because mine suck lol and also few other updates So enjoy and come back again!

Independence day

Name: Makaylie| Date:6-21-17 | Feeling: hungry asf
New 4th of July layouttt! for now but no content update unfortently but. I am working on another update just want a good amount before I post it & ill be updating rare cutouts which I haven't done in quite a while.As always you can give me opinions or ideas what you want to see along the way.
4th Of July content

Much needed update

Name: Makaylie| Date:5-24-17 | Feeling: Good
Hey, I never know what to say on these blogs so gonna make it short. Today I have lots of updates & quite a bit of it I got from kecia that she had up on loverain. I made some things myself to & also I decided I wanted to organize a few things & added some new sections I hope you all enjoy!