date 06/21/17 ♥ New layout.

Independence day

Name: Makaylie| Date:6-21-17 | Feeling: hungry asf
New 4th of July layouttt! for now but no content update unfortently but. I am working on another update just want a good amount before I post it & ill be updating rare cutouts which I haven't done in quite a while.As always you can give me opinions or ideas what you want to see along the way.
4th Of July content

Much needed update

Name: Makaylie| Date:5-24-17 | Feeling: Good
Hey, I never know what to say on these blogs so gonna make it short. Today I have lots of updates & quite a bit of it I got from kecia that she had up on loverain. I made some things myself to & also I decided I wanted to organize a few things & added some new sections I hope you all enjoy!